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Logo Online SpanishOnlineSpanish is a virtual language school with professional teachers who will guide you through the Spanish language with personalized online lessons, email feedback on exercices and 60-minute follow-up internet lessons. Take advantage of the most effective language-learning-techniques and learn Spanish live and directly via the free communication software from Skype.


Talk in SpanishAdvantages to learn Spanish through our Online Lessons

  • Learn Spanish quickly and comfortably when and where you want
  • Our lessons are designed for both beginners and advanced students
  • Efficient private lessons, ensuring fast improvement in your Spanish
  • Interesting topics and individual lessons by experienced native teachers
  • Attractive prices
  • All lessons are individually tailored to the student´s needs and abilities.

To get to know a teacher and see how all this works, try taking a trial lesson. If you are satisfied at the end of this lesson, it is easy to sign up for more.

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Today Online Spanish


Spanish Writing Course

Spanish Writing Lessons

In this Spanish Writing course you will be able to develop your writing skills through practice like writing letters, stories, descriptive texts, dialogues, etc.




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