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Spanish E-mail Lessons

This Spanish E-mail lesson program was created for people interested in acquiring a solid command of the Spanish language.

Spanish E-mail lessonsThese classes are designed by experienced teachers especially for you, according to your level, goals and pace.

Some of the most important advantages of Spanish E-mail lessons are:

  • You receive your Spanish E-mail lesson and exercises via e-mail and you can read them or print them whenever you want
  • The exercises will help you practice writing, reading, listening and pronunciation
  • Your teacher will guide you all the time during the course and will assess your progress continuously
  • You get a written answer to your questions and doubts so you don’t forget explanation

This kind of private lesson is highly beneficial when you learn a foreign language because you choose the frequency of classes, dates and times.


Besides, these individual classes can help you improve quickly and see great results in your learning process.

The Spanish E-mail Lesson contains:

  • A detailed explanation of the new topic
  • Reading Texts
  • Writing Exercises
  • Audio Exercises
  • Vocabulary Practice


  • E-mail account

This course includes:

  • One complete Spanish E-mail lesson
  • Additional practice in each class
  • Exercises correction


Each Spanish E-mail lesson

10,00 USD



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